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About Prodigy
Prodigy (which means whose talents are recognized at an early age) was founded on 3 October 2014. We offer a dynamic learning environment designed to meet the needs of various age groups and to make learning an exciting and continuous process. At Prodigy, we respect each and every child’s uniqueness, recognize their abilities most importantly we give them freedom to accomplish what they want.
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“Give the world to the small child”.

-Dr. Maria Montessori .

Courses offered


Admissions Open
  • For children 1.8 - 2.5yrs


Admissions Open
  • For children aged three to six years


Admissions Open
  • For children aged six to nine years


Admissions Open
  • For children aged nine to twelve years

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Annual Day

A platform for children to exhibit their talents. It holds a special name “Santati”

Colour Day

During this special day students as well as teachers are supposed to come in a particular colour.

National Festivals

National and religious festivals are celebrated at PIMS to help children understand the tradition and culture of our country.

Sharing Day

“Let’s share, sharing is caring”. Sharing is a vital skill of life.

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